Magnetising a Tau Tank

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This is my very first posting here, so I am trying to give a good impression by telling of my experiences with my first attempt at modding my first big model – by probably writing a very, very long posting. I will try to write in an entertaining way to prevent fellow Shas’la from falling asleep while reading –
I’ve also added some picture (click on them for larger size) and explained what I did with what, just in case anyone would be inclined to follow my first steps into building W40k models. So either learn from the mistakes I made or do your own 😉

I’ve recently begun to play (or rather: preparing the models for) W40k with Tau. I have bought two army boxes and, by my friends advice, a Skyray instead of a Hammerhead. He then adviced me to use magnets where possible to be able to switch between different setups.
After a bit of research I found out that almost every conversion for this featured a slightly different way to glue something into the front weapon mount cupola, cut a burst cannon in halfs, and use magnets to join them up again – just in case the tank chasis was to be used as a Devilfish. So far, so good.

But I thought that was not necessarily the best solution to the numbers of pieces I own:

From the army boxes I got one Devilfish each, giving me one tank chassis and one burst cannon. The skyray box contained another chassis, two burst cannons and one complete set to build Hammerhead and Skyray main weapon cupola with all bits attached. I could build two ‘fishs and one tank as intended. But what if I wanted to field two tanks and no ‘fish? Especially two tanks, each equipped with dual, not twin-linked burst cannons? I just couldn’t afford to cut a tank sized burst cannon in half.

Please let me explain the solution I have used to cover that problem.