Tutorial – Sculpting Mordian Style Caps

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Since I posted the Pith Helmet Tutorial (and I must admit before then as well), I’ve been asked on a number of occasions about how best to sculpt a Mordian style cap, now I’ve always oblieged, but in a confessional mood I’ve never actually tried the method I’ve suggested – since I’ve simply never had the need to sculpt one. Hence this new tutorial, firstly to better show what in theory I think is a good way to do the cap’s, and secondly to have a go at it myself.

My approach to doing a Mordian Cap is too break it down into it’s constituent parts, this is in my mind a good way to tackle most simple forms, using the picture below you can roughly break the cap down into four components which will make it far easier for sculpting. The first is the main part of the cap itself, next is the upper rim, then the brim and finally the aquilla. Each of these is a simple form which can be sculpted in four different stages so as not to risk undoing work done on another part of the cap, though thats certainly not to say it’s not possible to do it in fewer stages, once the main ‘cylinder’ is done I believe it would be possible to do the rest in one go with a little care.