Painting rust with LIFECOLOR RUST PAINTS (Salt weathering)

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For this SBS I will be using the Lifecolor Dust and Rust set to simulate older rusty metal. I will use mainly the paints and the salt technique for effects.

As can be seen in the below pics, there are six bottles of paint in this set, four rust colors and two dust colors. I have played around a bit with these paints to see what the paints look like when dry, and also applied over one another in layers. The results were great so I went ahead and did this little SBS to show what can be done with these paints. I will of course be testing these paints further with other paints, weathering products and different techniques.

Although the paints appear to be bright in color they dry darker, and most important are a perfect match to the real thing. The paints also dry quickly and to a very flat finish, which may eliminate a coat of clear flat.