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You can find here answers & tutorials to all the questions miniature painters and sculptors could have. How to blend colors, how to do a NMM, an OSL, how to sculpt a face, build a diorama... for your 28-54mm miniatures. Tutofig compiles more than 2000 "how to" or step by step, made by impassioned people, in various languages. Being Games workshop addict, who wants to paint armies, or contest painters searching for the last missing tips, you can find here everything you could wish... Learn, rhapsodize on other's work and share your own tutorials !

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Peinture Licorne Noire Eldar part III

Peinture Licorne Noire Eldar part III
Language :French Content
Source :www.stephane.info
Author :Stephane-info
Categories :1- Language, 2- Painting, 5- By game systems..., Eldar, Focus on a color, FR, Theory and tools, Warhammer 40K
Content :

Donc, toutes les pièces de votre Licorne Noire sont prêtes? Il est temps de les assembler et de peindre tout ça, et vous serez prêt à aller frimer…

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