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Tutorial : Painting energy weapons

Tutorial : Painting energy weapons
Language :English Content
Source :massivevoodoo.blogspot.com
Author :Massive voodoo
Categories :1- Language, 2- Painting, 5- By game systems..., EN, Painting energy, space marine, Special effects, Warhammer 40K
Content :

If you do paint some SciFi Miniatures you’ll often see some energy floating and evil brrzzzzlll weapons. Those weapons are very strong as they ignore armoury and can cut trough a tank like a knife cuts butter.

Before we get to the plan of how to you can show your weapon run by energy with your brush it is always important to know what you are painting… energy, what is this? I did find some links to photos that can be used for your imagination and inspiration on what energy might look like if used by powerful individuals…

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