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So you’ve picked up Dark Vengeance and are about to ake the side of the Dark Angel, but aren’t sure how to paint all those beautiful models you’ve found in the box? Behold. In this tutorial we’re going to explore how to paint a beautiful Dark Angel with easy and time-effective techniques. You don’t need to call a Interrogator-Chaplain to find out more, just click “More after the jump”.

Painting an army of Dark Angels is a challenging task, yet a diversified one. The army consists of three fractions that all have their individual trademark colour – dark green for your regular Marines, bone for the Deathwing and black for the Ravenwing. You want to put a cohesive looking army on the table, not three. Also take care that your secretive and gothic Dark Angels don’t become “christmas marines” due to their green, red and cream paint scheme. You can see this on the ‘Eavy Metal painted Dark Angels models. While the paintjobs are perfectly executed, the paint scheme is pretty garish and bright and doesn’t fit the Dark Angels’ theme in my opinion. Thus I’m going to use more muted shades in this tutorial (especially for the cloak) without creating a dull model. It’s all about the contrast.