REVIEW : BROKENTOAD : Brushes and Pigment

Dear all,

Today I wanted to write my thoughts about some products I discovered recently. this is about brushes and pigments from a company named BrokenToad

Brushes range and pigments

Brushes range and pigments

First of all the brushes :

I am a big fan of Raphael when it comes to use brushes… 8404 series, mainly 0, 1, 2 size

However recently plenty of users have explained their feeling about the lower quality of recent production of this brand… Second point is about the price, Raphael, even beeing cheaper than W&N, is a very expensive brand.

I wanted then to find out alternative, and I thought Brokentoad was a possible way to try something else. Those brushes are also made of Kolinsky … slightly different kind , but ok I am not so closed to changes đŸ˜‰

Let’s try to take one brush, the size 0, and compare it to the equivalent 8404 Raphael.


Size compqrison

I should admit that BraokenToad size 0 brush is a bit longer, but a lot thinner… That can be a good point… but it depends how to use your brush.

I am mainly using size 0 to paint mini, and for basecoat, of glazes I like the volume of paint there is in Raphael 8404 size 0.. With the brokentoad equivalent, meaning size 0, I will not have so much paint..

Looking at the other brushes, size 1 and size 2, I would finally think that everything is shifted, regarding my “size scale” Raphael.

other sizes

other sizes

Indeed, I would choose size 1, and that will feat much better to find again my confort zone.

If you are used to 8404, please keep in mind that size 0 and 1 will better correspond to Brokentoad size 1 and 2.

However the size of the size 0 fits well with lining… I found it very nice to do such job.



thin brush size 0



Of course, the quality of a brush can only be evaluated after many uses, but still using it quite often during 2 months and the tip is still really sharp, no “coma shape” appearing… i can tell you I bought recently other cheaper brand, and after 10 uses, the tip was already destroyed…

therefore I guess Broken toad will probably be my new choice….

– Good point : very acceptable quality + lower price

– Bad point : the distribution of those brushes is not broad. You can only order those on UK shops (Pounds beeing not the best with euro change đŸ˜‰ ) and shipping brings almost those brushes at the same price than Raphael… Of course, if you order those with friends to share shipping, this is much better.

Then I hope one or few shops (in france đŸ˜‰ ) will distribute this brand… i think I will continue working with those.


Now the pigments :

I was really surprised about the choice of colors/tones. Of course many of them are quite common, natural earth tone, dark earth color, sand…. but I was catched by few interresting ones… and for example the “patina”, kinf of very light green/bleu..

Patina pigment

Patina pigment

this is looking really like what you can get on bronze surface when it turns to be “aged” by time and wheather…

I have tested this on a statue I got to paint for a little diorama.. Works great



The pigments are very easilly diluted, even in water only !!!

I get then few other to work on the statue, and the earth of my diorama…. all works the same..

perished earth

perished earth

effect on dark areas

effect on dark areas

I played a bit with wet pigment, than dry …then wet again…

Sand pigment

Sand pigment

effect on raised areas

effect on raised areas

Some of them, like the reddish one “”, really reveal its “power” when diluted in binder…. Johann made some testing also here.


I would say then they have a big range of pigments… Many of them are just similar than others you can find… not better, not worth… however some of them are really interresting, in term of colors, and what you can experience with it…

The packaging is nice, the little containers are not too small, open/close is really easy, maybe a bit too big… I would have those pigments forever ;).. but for reasonable price, thus fair deal…


As I think a review is not complete when it’s done only by myself…. this time; let’s open the review to some guests…

My friend Dizaon said :

The box of pigment has a very nice shape, easy to handle on those small sized pot.

The size is sufficient to open and close it correctly, with the screwed top.

The content :

I have tested 4 pigment reference from broken toad, but more than 20 are available. Pigments are really thin, no aggregates, like commonly found on competitors products.

Pigments seems to be pretty high quality, and their tone looks a bit lighter than those I previously used.

Here are the 4 pigments tested : Rust, Patina, Desert sand and perished Earth.

the pigments tested

the pigments tested

The test :

Let’s go. Just to be clear, the metal wall will not be treated in this test.

photo 3

Nice base

I have used here different methods, mate varnish mixture to apply pigment on selected parts, diluted with water or using dry brushing.

First, working on the brick only.


Photo 4

pigments choosen

Second try on the earth and metal wires (with Rust pigments)

photo 5

second try

Photo 6

closer view

Once dried, the pigment comes back very well to its original color, seen on the pot.

Colors are very strong, and saturated, thus you may be very careful on application.

photo 7

pigments applied

To conclude, fine pigments, good packaging, easy to use, but no revolution compared to existing market. However, the intense colors should be a noticeable advantage.


One of our other friend KIK also made very nice review on our blog Chestnut Ink, here and here. (for french speakers)


Thanks then to both for taking time to evaluate those pigments.


Finally yes, I can really recommend this, no bad surprise..

Good points : choice of colors, with some exotic ones. good packaging, and price

Bad point : did not find really …. as it works well, but again, the fact they do not have more ressellers/distributor is not really convenient… I hope this will change.

Link to brokenToad Website


Speak to you later guys.