Painting buddha

Hi guys

Since a while now, the nice team of painting buddha has produced quite a lot of beautiful videos, miniatures and DVD..

I have loved watching their work, but it comes to the point they need pour help..


You would Like to continue seeing tutorials  by Ben ? You want to see step by step by Matt? You hope to have a exceptional beard like Michael? (Ok maybe this last point is not related…) This is the moment to help..


Become a patron ! What does that mean…??

You pay for exemple 1 or 3 dollars per video they release…with a monthly maximum you decide ( no bad surprise …if you decide 3 dollars per video with max 9 dollars per will pay for the first 3 videos…and all the others will be Free!)

Just go on the patreon web site to check this out… 

you would like to see why their videos are definitively the best… Check their YouTube channel., 

I hope they will reach stability here and continue to share videos for a long time…let say 42 years 😉