Tabletop World : Review

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Hi all

Today I wanted, to change a bit, to do a scenery review…

I got a sample of what Tabletop World is providing : A medieval townhouse

Townhouse III


They got tons of models… a real choice that initiate curiosity and envy to try this out…

Let’s talk about this right now, it costs 63 euros

Fair price?? We will see this.

Size :

More than 20 cm tall, kind of square of 10ish centimeters, Well done for 28 mm scale. Each floor is about 5 cm tall, thus very realistic for our tabletop games.

The production :

Resin is very hard, but not breakable easily… after all there is no very fragile parts here, maybe I’ll have to check this on other models.

 the house is constituted by 4 floors

– the base with stairs,

– first floor with “colombage”,

– second floor with the balcony structure,

– The roof

Girders of the house are used to make the final assembly of one floor over another… Clever, moreover it fits perfectly… NO EXTRA WORK TO FILL GAPS OR SO !!!

Let’s open this

The inside

Oh man ! Each part is also highly detailed inside. Girder, wooden floor, wood plaster, windows…. even inside the roof… ok you can maybe wonder the interest of detailing inside the roof, because you will more likely never place it upside down 😉 But I must recognize the consideration to details



We can clearly see here the girder that allows us to place the floors one over the others. Plaster details are very well done. Wood, even if very regular, has some nails, little “accidents” that render a nice realism.

Maybe the wooden door could have been  more original, we have seen this design so often….


Tiles …. just awesome, a lot of variability, not repetitive at all, and so many details !

I did not find any molding or factory defects, nothing to prepare, I was even tempted to directly undercoating it !

Additionally to those 4 big parts, the vent of the fireplace can be glued, a little wheel and a sloping roof part to protect the entrance, and the travelers who will explore some distant lands, … maybe the start of a quest ??

Finally, I have really appreciated all the details of those scenery, not cheap then,but certainly much more attractive than a lot of the other products on the market now… et moreover.. scale is correct !! very rare these days (cf Games workshop)