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Hi all,

Since years now Tutofig.com is linking wonderful tutorials from all over the world. We found nice here to also link the blogs/websites, that provide so much amazing stuff.. and thanks their authors !

So feel free to follow, like and share their awesome blogs/sites. Do not forget to check also on their facebook to see the latest news..

Massive Voodoo

Quidam Corvus

Le blog des Kouzes

Chest of colors

Fantasy games

Tales of painters

Chestnut ink

Figure Painter

Craftworld Studio

Figure mentor

Leister Bursley

Eureka Miniature

Mr Lee’s painting emporium

Gangeek style

Corvus miniatures

Scale model Guide

Camelson blog



David Soper

Minisocle blog


Stockholm Warpaint

Awaken Realms


Coloured Dust

5th dimension blog


Of course this list is not complete… Feel free to comment or contact us to add your own website, and continue to share your tutorial on Tutofig.com as you are keeping our initiative alive !!

Thanks again to all