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Why ? 

When we  start to collect minis,  quickly we try to search some usefull tips & tricks about painting, converting or building over the internet community and it could be really a pain… The information is extremely diluted through the myriad  forums / websites / blogs & videos channels. Identifying key sites, following a multitude of blogs / forum takes a lot of times and we miss a lot of information. We need to read 500 topics over 200 platforms to get the right trick.

As time passes, finaly we have a wide range of bookmarked links and when it’s time to found something… we never retrieve it…

therefore…we release Tutofig.

The main goal of Tutofig is to provide a complete database of tutorials about painting, converting, sculpting and more…

Important things :  

Tutofig don’t host the tutorial, just an excerpt, categories and tags to retrieve it simply and quickly with a link to the source. We don’t want to host the content from other authors.

We hope that you could spend good time on this website, and find what you need.


Contact :

If you need to get in touch with us for any reason, please feel free to contact us at

We’d love to hear from you – props, improvements or  complaints…

Sponsorship  :

If you are interrested in sponsoring, please contact us at

We are planning to establish partnership with shops/editor/sellers. If you wish to have an advertisement on tutofig, we have a sponsor plan for you and we will be pleased to discuss this further.

Many thanks